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donmac's Fun Links 

These web pages that are listed below are
posted as I wish to share some smiles with you.
I hope you return often as I may add
links on this page from time to time
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"Seven Wonders of the World"

11-11 Veteran's Day Special
Crosses on Federal Property
Find out "Why Dogs Bite"
"Gasoline" cartoons
More Gas Cartoons
Why Women Live Longer Than Men
Fun page of Pictures
Fun pictures # 2
Fun pictures # 3
Pictures 1
Pictures 2
Pictures 3
Pictures 4
Pictures 5
Pictures 6
Pictures 7
A Page of Illusions
Page of Illusions # 2
Cloning gone bad
Cell Phones
A page listing some FUN URLs
A report on Iraq
Warning: Slow load on dial-up connection
Cindy's Page of Photographs
Warning: Slow load on dial-up connection
My "old" Smilers web site
About 4000 items of humor available

My 2 Sense Worth on Web Pages

These 2 pages below are not mine, but some you may enjoy

Click HERE to go to Pastor Tim's Clean Laughs
GCFL = acronym for the Good, Clean Funnies List
Click HERE to go to GCFL
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