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Thank you to all the responses to my web page.
Now I hope all enjoy another edition of pictures.
Due to many pictures, page may be slow to load.
Many thanks to all of you that sent these pictures to post.
If you know for sure any of these copyrighted, besides the
ones where marked or where credits are given;
let me know and I will remove.

True friends always pop up to say hello


True Friends don't Care
if you're a lil' different


True Friends never fight like cats and dogs


True Friends will drive you anywhere!


True Friends let everyone come along


True Friends don't laugh at you
when you get new glasses



True Friends help you up when you're down


and True Friends never let you
do something you'll regret when you
wake up the next morning!



 Thanks to those who have sent me the
above  pictures, but I would appreciate
it it you would include your source, as I
do like to give credit where it is due,
and if possible to ask permission
to post.


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How blondes copy a word document




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