Having FUN (again) with a hodge podge
of some graphics/pictures/photographs

 All these collected from e-mails sent to me
and most sources unknown and or not remembered
IF there's a copyright problem, e-mail me and
I will remove the picture; otherwise just enjoy some fun

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Still Dead, Huh??? Go  Figure...




"Mass suicides...Cows going over the  edge...
tonight on Channel 3 News.."


Good Job!!


Load 'em up with burritos,  Mom!!


I'm Confused...


How the hell can I write if I'm  ILLITERATE!!!!


I can't even comment on this one


Beautiful, lush lawns of  dirt...


Speling iz knot imprtunt fir  astranawts


Make up your mind!!!


Don't drink and make signs...  






Even the King listens to his Lady


Airline bag, no pets ..... Nice hiding place


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