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Illusions 2


Illusions 2

These Illusions are for your enjoyment, fun, and to check your eye sight.
Some material is copyrighted. Some is public domain
Respect is requested. Problems? See link at bottom
Caution: This page contains some works of "anomalous motion illusion",
which might make sensitive observers dizzy or sick.
Should you feel dizzy, you had better leave this page immediately.

This page illustrates that
Our senses cannot always be trusted.
and you should give them a rest in a few more minutes



Perpetually ascending staircase.

How can the man go up all the time and come back to the same place over and over?

The red squares are the same color in the upper part
and in the lower part of the "X"

The diagonal lines are parallel.

There are no gray spots at the corners of the squares. If you
see them, where do they
come from ?

The rows of black and white squares are all parallel.

Impossible Triangle

Parallel lines at sunrise

The center circles are both the same size

The Vertical lines are both the same length

Three-prong fork

Wavy Squares? No!
The background of concentric circles makes the squares appear distorted

Rotating Wheels
The circles appear to rotate when you move your head closer and further away from the screen while looking at the dot in the center

Warped Square?
There are no curved lines in this figure

Is this possible?

Are the purple lines

bent or straight ?


You should see a man's
face and also a word.
Hint: Tilt your head to
the right, the word
begins with a L
Do NOT send the picture
at the left to anyone, nothing ever happens!

But you may want to
share the URL for
this page.....




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